Mollee Brown

Mollee Brown

Mollee is a lifelong lover of birds and nature based in West Virginia, where she grew up roaming the Appalachian hills. In college Mollee connected with the birding community and began working at Bird Watcher’s Digest, where she helped with tour planning, guiding, and events such as the Midwest Birding Symposium and American Birding Expo. In 2017, Mollee started Nighthawk Agency, a marketing and strategy business for birding, conservation, and ecotourism organizations. Since then, Mollee has worked with dozens of birding organizations throughout the world.

Mollee serves on the board of directors for The Birding Co-op, the Frontiers in Ornithology Association, and volunteers with birding and conservation groups in West Virginia. In 2020, Mollee joined George Armistead and Alvaro Jaramillo to launch the Life List Birding Podcast. She contributes to a variety of bird and nature-based publications and events. Mollee has loved photography since she started borrowing her grandma’s camera as a child, and usually has a camera in hand while birding, hiking, camping, and exploring the world.

Mollee has guided birding tours throughout the Americas since 2015 and presently guides for Hillstar Nature guiding trips around the world. She’s most at home among mountains and hilly terrains.

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