Hannah Buschert

Hannah Buschert

Hannah Buschert has been a competitive birder since her required college course in ornithology which opened her eyes to the joy of birding. 

As an environmental educator, she loves the ease of sharing birds with others using the Kowa TSN-99 and PhoneSkope attachment. Through her podcasts (Hannah and Erik Go Birding, Women Birders (Happy Hour), and Bird Nerd Book Club) she engages birders and non-birders in diverse aspects of the birding world.

Hannah was also a member of the highly successful "Women in Steppe" team in the Champions of the Flyway bird race for conseravtion and a member of the board for the International Conference for Women Birders - IC4WB.

Hannah uses her kowascope set-up to show visitors Tufted Puffins at Haystack Rock where she lives in Cannon Beach, Oregon, guiding at birding festivals around the US, and trying to get the perfect videos of birds while traveling.

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