Erik Ostrander

Erik Ostrander

Erik Ostrander started birding in the Pacific Northwest, where he and his wife, Hannah, spent weekends exploring the national wildlife refuges, state parks, and ocean shores.  In the past few years, Erik has added a DSLR to his birding equipment and works to improve his photography.

The clarity of the fluorite lens and versatility makes the Kowa TSN-883 Erik’s preferred spotting scope.  He’s carried it through South American jungles to look at tanagers and African great plains to scope out bee-eaters. Erik also competed in the Champions of the Flyway race for bird conservation on our "Team Kowascopers" the first digiscoping only team to compete in the event!

Through their podcast, Hannah and Erik Go Birding, they share their birding adventures and work to expand birding and wildlife viewing around the world.

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