Chris Bell

Chris Bell

Chris Bell was born in Shrewsbury, England where he cut his teeth as a birder. He spent a year in Venezuela and then explored South America for 6 months when he was 19 years-old. Four years later, he moved to Colombia and has called that home ever since. He spent three years working as editor of the Colombia Travel Blog bringing him to all 32 departments of the country and allowing him to amass over 1,300 bird species in the country!

Most of us know him from his time as producer and host of The Birders Show based out of Colombia. In 2024, with over 1,565 Colombian birds tallied, Chris' wanderlust and passion for birds led him on a new adventure, Backpack Birding and he's now tackling the birds of all of South America in the same way he became one of Colombia's top birders.

We knew Chris was an insanely talented phone scoper, we knew he would be working out of a back pack chasing South America's avian treasures for at least the next year and maybe longer AND coincidentally we just introduced an amazing 66 mm travel scope that was a perfect match for this next project! So now Chris is digiscoping with our Kowa PROMINAR TSN-66A spotting scope kit.

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