Simon Brumby

Simon Brumby

Simon Brumby born in the UK moved to the Netherlands in 2008, here amongst the polders and dunes is where his passion for recording the natural world around him burgeoned.

After some research it became apparent that the equipment he already owned could be recombined via the practice of digiscoping and that this would yield the kind of focal lengths required to be unintrusive and yet achieve images and videos with an intimacy and detail otherwise difficult to achieve without the use of a hide or blind.
After several years of shooting stills, he became fascinated by video and has never looked back, the combination of fabulous optics and the dawn of high quality 4k recorders allows for solid results every time!

Since then, Simon has been a featured digiscoper winning or placing in international digiscoping competitions regularly and is a frequent contributor in our Kowa webinar series found online on YouTube.

See Simon's latest digiscoped work:

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